On Thu, Oct 08, 2009 at 10:08:32AM -0700, Ketan wrote:
> bash-3.00# poolcfg -d -c 'transfer 8 from pset pset_default to pset-app'
> poolcfg: cannot transfer 8 from pset_default to pset-app: Invalid 
> configuration
> bash-3.00#
>  why i 'm getting this error ?

There's quite a few possible reasons why...

Maybe because:

 - There aren't 8 processors in pset_default
 - There is a minimum value set for pset_default and removing 8 would
   invalidate this constraint
 - There is a maximum value on pset-app and adding 8 would invalidate
   this constraint.

If it's not one of the above reasons, then it may be something more obscure
related to threads being bound to processors or processors being in unusual
states: e.g. offline. 

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