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casper....@sun.com wrote:
> >LiveUpgrade in s10u8 is broken imho. My s10 with a couple of sparse
> >zones cannot be upgraded too w ith exactly the same errors. Mind you:
> >my zones ARE part of the BE-path! so, that makes no differen ce. I
> >then used the LU packages from s10u7 to lucreate and luupgrade to
> >s10u8 which worked very wel l. The luactivate did not
> >however. :-( Maybe I should have installed the newer LU packages and
> >used the latest luactivate. I may test this. Still, I very
> >disappointed that this upgrade with zones is so difficult, while it
> >should be very easy on ZFS. Hope it will be resolved.
> We certainly tested this and we're certain it worked; not using s10u8
> upgrade tools may cause certain issues.

I think you misunderstood me. I'm sure you tested it, but it does NOT
work. The LU packages from s10u8 fail in every aspect. Lucreate can't
even create a new BE so what luupgrade does cannot be tested. Nor can I
test what luactivate (from u8) does. Other persons report errors on
this program too.

Only after finding out the U8 packages don't work, I reinstalled the LU
packages from S10u7 and created and upgraded a new BE with them. That
finished without any errors! Everything went the way it should. (at
least that can be read in the /var/sadm/system/... files)

It was only after I also used luactivate (from s10u7) that things got
screwed up and left me with an unbootable system. Turned out luactivate
had ruined the bootbloks, so an installgrub solved this.

But since I got some attention (for which I am very grateful!) I will
start over and try to catch the errors on screen. It may help.
> How did the upgrade fail?
As said, the upgrade went very well on an ABE created with
lucreate/luupgrade from s10u7. Lucreate from s10u8 fails. I'll send the
screens later on.

> How did luactivate fail?  Did the command fail or did rebooting (init
> 6) failed?

As I said, I can understand that luactivate from an older version might
things bad. It did in my case. Luactivate from the new version is to be
tested on an updated ABE yet.

I'll come back on it.

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