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> Hm, I've seen those issues before; I'm not sure what keeps /var/run 
> unmountable.  I'm not even sure why the current liveupgrade also
> mounts the "tmpfs" directories and the non-essential zfs filesystems.

I just read in another thread about LU and the NVidea driver the
following information:

> John Martin <john.m.mar...@sun.com> wrote:
> Following the instructions in the Solaris 10 10/09 Installation Guide:
> http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/821-0438?l=en
> I installed LU patch 121431-43 (S10U7 has 121431-27) and installed
> the LU software using the S10U8 installer.

This might explain the errors I've written about. I checked my LU patch
version and it's on 121431-37 (!) I'm NOT allowed to download the
latest (adviced) patch:

Patch  IR   CR RSB Age Synopsis
121431 37 < 43---38 SunOS 5.8_x86 5.9_x86 5.10_x86: Live Upgrade Patch

Looking for 121431-43 (1/1)
Trying https://sunsolve.sun.com/ (1/1)
Failed (patch not found)
Download Summary: 1 total, 0 successful, 0 skipped, 1 failed

This should not be happening if this patch is NEEDED for upgrading.
But again, it may not really be needed and than it's normal that it's
not avail. I can not be sure. I'm no insider.

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