ZFS with zones LU upgrade 8 successful

After much irritation I decided to lucreate a new BE one more time.
I then 'zfs mounted' it and removed the unwanted lines in /etc/vfstab
created by the LU upgrade 8 packages. I also changed the zonepath in
the /etc/zones/*xml files to something new as well as in
the /etc/zones/index file! All this in the NEW ABE! After these changes
I ran luupgrade and this time I got no errors! None whatsoever. All
went very smoothly. The luactivate did OK too. Before I rebooted into
the new ABE I changed back the /etc/zones/*.xml and /etc/zones/index.
Not because it is needed, but just because I like the old zonepath. ;-)
After a reboot I'm now on an updated S10u8 environment and my zones are
running perfectly. I can say this workaround, although not nice, works.
I do hope however that the LiveUpgrade packages will be patched to work
with ZFS zoneroots and zones in a normal way.

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