hey all,

so it seems that in opensolaris b120 i broke scratch zones with the
following fix:

        9392 native zones should fail to install on opensolaris

so now i've got a fix for that breakage:

        6889379 zoneadm mount fails on opensolaris

the basic problem was that a bunch of the zones code used for mounting
scratch zones would attempt to use the "native" brand parameters.  when i
removed the "native" brand i broke that code.  so now i'm fixing that
code by introducing the concept of a default brand.  in most places
where we used to hard code "native", i've changed it so that we do a
lookup to determine the default brand name, and then use that in place
of "native".  currently the default brand is defined as whatever is the
brand specified in /etc/zones/SUNWdefault.xml.  (which on opensolaris
means we default to "ipkg".)

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