deniz rende wrote:
Hi Folks,

I've been regularly patching my Solaris 10 U8 with Liveupgrade and PCA. I had a 
zone running on the system which I ended up changing its name. Then I wanted to 
create a new LU ABE and got the following error:

# lustatus

Boot Environment           Is       Active Active    Can    Copy
Name                       Complete Now    On Reboot Delete Status
-------------------------- -------- ------ --------- ------ ----------
Solaris10U8PCA             yes      yes    yes       no     -
# lucreate -n Solaris10U8PCA01
Checking GRUB menu...
System has findroot enabled GRUB
Analyzing system configuration.
Comparing source boot environment <Solaris10U8PCA> file systems with the
file system(s) you specified for the new boot environment. Determining
which file systems should be in the new boot environment.
Updating boot environment description database on all BEs.
Updating system configuration files.
Creating configuration for boot environment <Solaris10U8PCA01>.
Source boot environment is <Solaris10U8PCA>.
Creating boot environment <Solaris10U8PCA01>.
Cloning file systems from boot environment <Solaris10U8PCA> to create boot 
environment <Solaris10U8PCA01>.
Creating snapshot for <rpool/ROOT/Solaris10U8PCA> on 
Creating clone for <rpool/ROOT/solaris10u8...@solaris10u8pca01> on 
Setting canmount=noauto for </> in zone <global> on 
zperl: Miscellaneous file system error
Configuration not saved.
ERROR: Unable to set zonepath to </.alt.tmp.b-t1b.mnt/zoneds/zperl-Solaris10U8PCA01> 
for zone <zperl>
Saving existing file </boot/grub/menu.lst> in top level dataset for BE 
<Solaris10U8PCA01> as <mount-point>//boot/grub/menu.lst.prev.
File </boot/grub/menu.lst> propagation successful
Copied GRUB menu from PBE to ABE
No entry for BE <Solaris10U8PCA01> in GRUB menu
Population of boot environment <Solaris10U8PCA01> successful.
Creation of boot environment <Solaris10U8PCA01> successful.

Although it created the LU environmet, It's got some errors mentioned above. 
The name of the zone originally was and I changed it to zperl by using zfs 
rename, and editing zonepath files (index and zperl.xml)

I tried to mount this into a temp directory called /b:

r...@solix# lustatus
Boot Environment           Is       Active Active    Can    Copy
Name                       Complete Now    On Reboot Delete Status
-------------------------- -------- ------ --------- ------ ----------
Solaris10U8PCA             yes      yes    yes       no     -
Solaris10U8PCA01           yes      no     no        yes    -
r...@solix# lumount Solaris10U8PCA01 /b
ERROR: unable to mount zones:
/b/zonepool/zperl must not be group readable.
/b/zonepool/zperl must not be group executable.
/b/zonepool/zperl must not be world readable.
/b/zonepool/zperl must not be world executable.
could not verify zonepath /b/zonepool/zperl because of the above errors.
zoneadm: zone zperl failed to verify
ERROR: unable to mount zone <zperl> in </b>
ERROR: unmounting partially mounted boot environment file systems
ERROR: No such file or directory: error unmounting 
<rpool/ROOT/Solaris10U8PCA01>ERROR: cannot mount boot environment by name 

Also I have a strange error in df -h as well.
# df -h
Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on
                        67G   7.5G    56G    12%    /
/devices                 0K     0K     0K     0%    /devices
ctfs                     0K     0K     0K     0%    /system/contract
proc                     0K     0K     0K     0%    /proc
mnttab                   0K     0K     0K     0%    /etc/mnttab
swap                   1.9G   412K   1.9G     1%    /etc/svc/volatile
objfs                    0K     0K     0K     0%    /system/object
sharefs                  0K     0K     0K     0%    /etc/dfs/sharetab
                        64G   7.5G    56G    12%    /lib/
fd                       0K     0K     0K     0%    /dev/fd
swap                   1.9G   100K   1.9G     1%    /tmp
swap                   1.9G    32K   1.9G     1%    /var/run
rpool/export            67G    21K    56G     1%    /export
rpool/export/home       67G    18K    56G     1%    /export/home
rpool                   67G    43K    56G     1%    /rpool
zonepool                67G    21K    63G     1%    /zonepool
                       1.9G   767M   1.1G    41%    /rmdisk/unnamed_rmdisk
rpool/iscsi_luns        67G    21K    56G     1%    /rpool/iscsi_luns
df: cannot statvfs /zonepool/zruby: No such file or directory
                        67G    21K    56G     1%    

The name of the zone was originally zruby and now it is zperl.

Could you guys please tell me how to get rid of these messages and get the 
system back to its feet on this so that I can go ahead and patch it?

Best Regards...
can I see zfs list, I take it that zruby was renamed to zperl, or is there a second zone?

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