On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 10:20:14AM -0700, Ketan wrote:
> Can anyone answer my questions 
> 1. Whats the difference between project.max-locked-memory  and max-rss.
> And out these 2 which is the preferred way of limiting the physical memory in 
> a project or zone. 

max-rss limits both pageable and locked physical memory used by projects, so
it is an overall physical memory cap.  max-locked-memory is useful in limiting
applications which specifically lock physical memory.  This is useful because
if the project locks up to it's max-rss, there will be no memory left for
it, and it will page non-stop.  max-locked-memory can be set lower than
max-rss to protect against this.

-Steve L.

> 2. How to restrict the swap memory in projects

There is no mechanism.  swap limits are only on zones.

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