>On Tue 27 Oct 2009 at 10:58AM, Edward Pilatowicz wrote:
>> hey all,
>> i have an updated webrev for my previous fix:
>> http://cr.opensolaris.org/~edp/onnv-zmount/
>> 6889379 zoneadm mount fails on opensolaris
>> 6894901 zoneadmd can hang if fdetach() return EBUSY
>> you'll notice i added 6894901 to the fix.  i hit this issue while doing
>> regression testing with the zones test suite.  i've run the zones test
>> suite with these changes and verified that there are no new regressions.
>zoneadm.c:5655: system's
>zoneadmd.c: 2065: so, do you want to back off at all here?  maybe
>sleep for a tenth of a second?  Even with the yield, this will
>suck a lot of cpu if we get stuck in this forever.

Agreed; yield() should not be used at all in a loop (or perhaps never: you 
should assume that yield() is a no-op).  Specifically, it may cause the 
CPU to run at the highest frequency.

(poll(NULL, 0, 100); sleeps 0.1 second)


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