Muhammed Syyid wrote:
I'm looking to setup a few VM's with Centos 4.x/5.x. I had a couple of questions
1) From what I understand I can do this using both Xen or Zones, is that 
My understanding is both Xen and Zones would allow some form of Centos, however with Xen, you would be running the entire Linux kernel + userland, with Zones this would be via BrandZ and just the Centos userland on top of the Solaris kernel.
2) If I use either of the two, can I migrate between them later - convert to 
Xen / convert to Zones etc?
You might be able to do so, it would probably be painful, and unsupported.
3) Also if I decide to migrate the images to another Linux machine (using Xen 
or KVM) , can that be done? any pointers on how?
Both technologies allow migration to a different physical host. Each has its own caveats though. Entry point for Xen would be something like "xm migrate", and for Zones would be something like "zoneadm detach".

4) What would be preferable to use Xen or Zones? (I know Xen runs as a 
hypervisor vs Zones run as more of a client VM, don't know much else)
Which technology you select really depends on what you want to do with your VMs. Zones are much more efficient than Xen, but wouldn't give you a full Centos/Linux VM. Xen would give you a more complete Centos/Linux VM but with some overhead.

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