Suppose I have some (SXCE, S10) zones with /opt in in the
inherit-pkg-dir list and I want to have that no longer be the case.
It seems to me that I could do:

zonecfg -z optzone
   create -t badzone
   set zonepath=/zones/optzone
   remove inherit-pkg-dir dir=/opt
zoneadm -z optzone install
zoneadm -z badzone halt
cd /zones/optzone/root
find opt | cpio -pdump@ /zones/badzone/root
vi /etc/zones/badzone.xml (remove inherit-pkg-dir for /opt line)
zoneadm -z badzone boot

I know that it is unsupported.  Experimentation suggests that it
works.  What thorny issues exist (aside from resources & priorities)
that make it so that something like this isn't supported?

FWIW, I suspect that the real implementation would probably be more like:

zoneadm -z badzone detach
zoneadm -z badzone attach -u --uninherit /opt

Where a single letter option would be added instead of --uninherit.

Mike Gerdts
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