Mike Gerdts wrote:
Suppose I have some (SXCE, S10) zones with /opt in in the
inherit-pkg-dir list and I want to have that no longer be the case.
It seems to me that I could do:

zonecfg -z optzone
   create -t badzone
   set zonepath=/zones/optzone
   remove inherit-pkg-dir dir=/opt
zoneadm -z optzone install
zoneadm -z badzone halt
cd /zones/optzone/root
find opt | cpio -pdump@ /zones/badzone/root
vi /etc/zones/badzone.xml (remove inherit-pkg-dir for /opt line)
zoneadm -z badzone boot

I know that it is unsupported.  Experimentation suggests that it
works.  What thorny issues exist (aside from resources & priorities)
that make it so that something like this isn't supported?
patching in s10 woudl render this problematic, in particular the presence of an empty undo.Z for inherited package dirs, such that a patch that was added to an inherited /opt woudl not have an undo entries for /opt, so if one changed the zone to not inherit /opt, then ran patchrm it woudl lead to some possible undesired behaviopur, ie bits from patch not removed, particularly relevant to JES products that install to /opt


FWIW, I suspect that the real implementation would probably be more like:

zoneadm -z badzone detach
zoneadm -z badzone attach -u --uninherit /opt

Where a single letter option would be added instead of --uninherit.

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