when build 127 of Opensolaris releases, this will be possible via the s10 brand which will integrate at that stage. Build 126 is the current available build, so 127 won't be far off, a few week perhaps, someone can clarify.

If this is needed on Solaris 10 ( ie global must be solaris 10 ), then it is not currently possible. Solaris 10 does not support an s10 brand. Non-global zones running Solaris 10 are virtual copies of the global zone itself.

Ldoms does support this, but is only on sun4v by the way.

Thomas Elsgaard wrote:
Hi Guys

I have 2 SUN sparc machines that i would like to consolidate to one
machine using the zone/container concept, but the application requires
a different version of solaris 10 than the one installed on the host
server, how can i handle this?

Application requires: Solaris 10 10/08

And my host machine where i would like to have the applications to run
in a zone is running Solaris 10 5/09

Is there anyway that i can have a zone runing 10 10/08 on the global
zone where the server is running 10 5/09 ? and how is this done?

Best regards

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