On 11/21/09 15:26, Bryan Allen wrote:
| On 2009-11-21 15:25:22, Hosam Al Ali wrote:
| | aho...@xxxxxx:~# zoneadm -z myzone install
| /mnt/zone/myzone must not be group readable.
| /mnt/zone/myzone must not be group executable.
| /mnt/zone/myzone must not be world readable.
| /mnt/zone/myzone must not be world executable.
| could not verify zonepath /mnt/zone/myzone because of the above errors.
| zoneadm: zone myzone failed to verify
| | I won't just to asq there is any special fs for the Directory or any think els
chmod 700 /mnt/zone/myzone

As for why it's not doing it on creation, no idea...

zoneadm(1M) won't modify the zonepath directory's permissions if it already exists. My guess is that he created /mnt/zone/myzone before he executed "zoneadm(1M) install" but forgot to change its permissions to 0700.

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