Hey Ed, addition to my previous posting as I just noticed something I've totally
forgotten about....

> afaik, determining the mount point should be pretty
> strait forward. i was planning to get a list of all the shares
> exported by the specified nfs server, and then do a strncmp() of all the
> exported shares against the specified path.  the longest matching share name
> is the mount path.
> for example.  if we have:
>       nfs://jurassic/a/b/c/d/file
> and jurassic is exporting:
>       jurassic:/a
>       jurassic:/a/b
>       jurassic:/a/b/c
> then our mount path with be:
>       /var/zones/nfsmount/jurassic/a/b/c
> and our encapsulated zvol will be accessible at:
>       /var/zones/nfsmount/jurassic/a/b/c/d/file
> afaik, this is acutally the only way that this could
> be implemented.

I just recognized (my bad) that the SO-URI of 
is actually compliant to the WebNFS URL syntax of  RFC 2224 / RFC  2054 / RFC 
ie.one could directly mount that.

so it looks like we can avoid all the parsing handstands and directly mount 
such an URL aka. SO-URI if the server does support public file handles.

I'll look into the URL mount schema and requirements in a bit more detail
to discover potential problems laying around, generic support and availability.

ideally it should be something that should work with almost every NFS server and
presumably without much setup on the server side in order to serve our
NFS implementation independend needs.

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