On 12/ 4/09 02:28 PM, Anil wrote:
Once a the global zone is upgraded (and rebooted with the new BE), what is the 
best way to update the zones?

It seems like all I would need to do is:

pkg -R <zone path>/root image-update
reboot zone

This seems like a hack, how would "post package" processing happen if this is not done from the zone itself?
Should I instead *from the zone* take a clone, update parentbe zfs option, set 
it to active. Then, imate-update the snapshot/clone? This seems like a hack too!

Try detaching and attaching the zones that need to be upgraded:

# zoneadm -z <zone> detach
[image-update the global zone]
[reboot the machine to the new BE]
# zoneadm -z <zone> attach -U

You might be able to perform the detach/attach operations while in the updated global zone BE. Please see the Zones FAQ (http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/view/Community+Group+zones/faq) for details.

Hope that helps,
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