> I'm not sure what the problem is here. I have created
> a vnic over an existing physical nic as follows:
> dladm create-vnic -l e1000g0 e1000g1
> I then use e1000g1 (the VNIC) as the interface for an
> exclusive-IP zone.
> Problem 1: upon rebooting the host e1000g1 is only
> "half there" in that it doesn't show up in dladm
> show-vnic output but if I try dladm create-vnic -l
> e1000g0 e1000g1 it complains that there is already an
> e1000g1. Deleting and re-adding the VNIC and
> everything works fine.
> Problem 2 (the real problem): after creating the VNIC
> I can no longer reach my default router. I'm guessing
> this is due to a routing mis-configuration, but it
> could just as easily be something else given the
> strangeness above.
> Does anyone have any ideas? I'm running OpenSolaris
> build 126 x64.
> Thanks
> Andrew.

OK, problem 1 was fixed by upgrading to build 128a. Problem 2 still exists, 
although wierdly the zone's networking is fine. The global zone is also fine 
until I reboot - after that I cannot contact the default router (an ADSL 
router) or any other machine. The non-global zone can successfully communicate 
with the ADSL router and the internet.


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