Jerry Jelinek wrote:
xx wrote:
i installed virtualbox and installed solaris 10 from an iso download. i used the flar command to create s10.flar as directed in:

i then tried to install s10.flar in the solaris 10 branded zone:
init...@dogpatch:~# zoneadm -z csuite install -a /virtualbox/s10.flar -u
WARNING: skipping network interface 'vnic0_3' which may not be present/plumbed in the global zone.
A ZFS file system has been created for this zone.
      Log File: /var/tmp/csuite.install_log.2raajz
    Installing: This may take several minutes...
Missing etc at /zones/csuite/root
Missing etc/svc at /zones/csuite/root
Missing var at /zones/csuite/root
Missing var/svc at /zones/csuite/root
Missing lib/svc at /zones/csuite/root
Is this a sparse zone image?  The image must be whole-root.
Missing sbin/zonename at /zones/csuite/root
Is this a sparse zone image?  The image must be whole-root.
Missing usr/bin/chmod at /zones/csuite/root
Is this a sparse zone image?  The image must be whole-root.
  Sanity Check: FAILED (see log for details).
ERROR:         Result: *** Installation FAILED ***
init...@dogpatch:~# zonecfg -z csuite info
zonename: csuite
zonepath: /zones/csuite
brand: solaris10
autoboot: false
bootargs: pool: limitpriv: scheduling-class: ip-type: shared
hostid: net:
    physical: vnic0_3
    defrouter not specified

did i skip a step?

How did you create the flar of the s10 system?  Did the s10 system
have a zfs root?  If so, then you must create the flar using an
explicit -L option to specify either a cpio or pax archive.  Otherwise
the flar will actually contain a zfs send stream of the root pool
and that is not suitable for installing a zone (since the zone root must
be a dataset, not a pool).  I recently integrated the following bug fix
to help address this:

6903478 need better error msg for flar made on system with zfs root


Also if the system has a separate /var and is zfs root based, you will need to manually build the cpio archive, ie flar create -L cpio will not work. 6889459 flarcreate using cpio of a system running SUNWCreq zfs root with seperate /var fails.

I used the following
cd /
find . \( \( -fstype nfs -o -fstype autofs \) -prune \) -o -print| egrep -v "^./proc|^./system|^./devices|^./dev|^./export/home|^./home|^./tmp" |cpio -oc > /export/home/oryx.cpio

But that is only if you have zfs root and separate /var.


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