On Thu, 17 Dec 2009 23:16:19 +0100, Dan Price <d...@eng.sun.com> wrote:

>> On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 07:17:50PM +0100, Frank Batschulat (Home) wrote:
>> > May I have 2 code reviewers for:
>> >
>> > 6911329 Incorrect code in kstat_delete causes panic
>> > http://cr.opensolaris.org/~batschul/onnvkstat/
>> >
>> > Description
>> > A colleague was looking into a crash and the reason turned out to be a  
>> > NULL pointer dereference in kstat_delete():
>> >
>> > kstat_delete(kstat_t *ksp)
>> > {     kmutex_t *lp;
>> >    ekstat_t *e = (ekstat_t *)ksp;
>> >    zoneid_t zoneid = e->e_zone.zoneid;
>> >    kstat_zone_t *kz;
>> >
>> >    if (ksp == NULL)
>> >        return;
>> >
>> > Note that there is a dereference of 'ksp' [via 'e'] before the check for 
>> > ksp being NULL.
>> >
>> > unfortunately we don't have a dump/stacktrace anymore to inspect who
>> > called kstat_delete(NULL) and why.
> Do we really think that ksp being NULL is a invalid condition?

Yes, I think we do. kstat_create() offically and documented returns NULL in the 
error case.
ie. the usual sequence for a user would be

ksp = kstat_create()
if (ksp != NULL)

     ksp     Pointer to a currently  installed  kstat(9S)  structure.

> If it's invalid, then why not add an assertion, so we can root-cause.

absolutely ! webrev updated:


> Or has this if (ksp == NULL) been there forever and ever and there
> are drivers abusing it?

nope, it got introduced when Jeff re-wrote the kstat framework in Solaris 9 via:
4460914 kstat implementation has escaped and doesn't scale

> I see a bunch of cmn_err's in kstat_create-- are there log files
> from the machine which might indicate that there was a kstat_create
> which returned NULL?

unfortunately I do have nothing at all. However what we do know is that
the inital kstat_create() can't have returned NULL, because in that 
case the following kstat_install() would've already paniced in face of the NULL 
due to the various dereferences it does on ksp.

this implies 2 things:

1) a bug in the kstat framework itself
2) a kstat user calling kstat_delete() twice or with a NULL ksp.

I'll run tests with the usual big kstat consumers like Zones, UFS, ZFS and NFS
with the debug bits for testing, perhaps I can uncover an offender.


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