this sounds like a bug that dan price tracked down to:

6906514 sdev_attrinit ignores va_mask, leading to whacky /dev/zcons vattrs

it should be fixed in snv_130.

On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 11:56:20AM -0800, Eugene Turkulevich wrote:
> I have two zones configured and run: ipkg zone (shared ip) and lx zone.
> run: ps -aef cause some pauses during display (5 to 20 seconds)
> same problem when using flash plugin in Firefox - opening page with flash 
> content cause Firefox freeze for 10-30 seconds.
> This all when one of zones (or both) are run.
> After halting both zones have no problem either with ps (no delays, works 
> immediately) either with Firefox (pages with flash opens without app.freeze).
> can you help me, where should I search for a problem?
> P.S.: Opensolaris snv_129. didn't remember, but think this problem appeared 
> in one of snv_12x builds
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