On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 10:13 AM, Philip <philip.l.nel...@nasa.gov> wrote:
> I have been unable to determine whether or not the max-swap resource control 
> refers only to on-disk swap or to physical memory plus on disk swap.
> In short, if I wanted a container to have access to 1gb of physical memory 
> plus 1gb of on-disk swap, would the following configuration do the job?
> capped-memory:
>        physical: 1G
>        [swap: 1G]

Oddly enough, "swap" in Solaris tends to have very little to do with
swap devices, other than when you are just about to start complaining
about really bad performance.  To get the behavior you intend, you
need to set swap to 2G and physical to 1G.  (I say "intend", because I
really doubt that anyone would really "want" to page or swap 1 GB to
swap devices.)

I've tried to explain this a few times before...


Mike Gerdts
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