Dear Zone-Meisters:

Am trying to set up some zones under openSolaris.  In this environment, I 
typically ssh into server(s) from a single workstation; had hoped to use my 
preferred simple text editor 'joe' from the terminal for housekeeping and 
configuration chores.  If it matters, all this is happening from the Mac OS X 
Terminal program, which I've identified to Solaris as 'xterm'

I ssh into the global zone, then zlogin into the non-global and start joe. joe 
starts up AOK, however, the terminal's cursor 'resets' into a position several 
lines up, making the editor useless.  This is odd - does anyone have an idea as 
to how I might debug this toward a solution?

Note: I do the same thing - a nearly daily basis - to the 'root' of a 
(different, production) Solaris 10 box with no issue!
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