On 01/18/10 19:25, Karl Rossing wrote:
I made the change as per 

What changes?  As of this morning the bug has no workaround or suggested fix 

I'm still getting the following error:

bash-4.0# zoneadm -z model attach -u
Getting the list of files to remove
Removing 45892 files
svccfg: pg_pattern is missing the target attribute in system/rmtmpfiles
svccfg: pg_pattern is missing the target attribute in system/boot-config
I/O error : Is a directory
/a/var/svc/manifest/application/desktop-cache:1: parser error : Document is 
/a/var/svc/manifest/application/desktop-cache:1: parser error : Start tag 
expected, '<' not found
I/O error : Is a directory
svccfg: couldn't parse document
rm: /a/var/svc/manifest/application/desktop-cache is a directory
Remove 578 of 578 packages
Installing 42309 files
/usr/lib/brand/native/attach_update[635]: syntax error at line 644 : `"' 

This looks like you made some sort of incorrect edit to this file.

zone 'model': 'attach_update' failed with exit code 2.
could not update zone
bash-4.0# zoneadm -z model attach -u
zoneadm: zone 'model': zone is incomplete; uninstall required.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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