Hi Johan,

Could you please send the output of "zfs list | grep zone", "zfs get all internal/zone", "zfs get all internal/zone/test", and "zfs get all internal/zone/test/ROOT"? Thanks!


On 01/20/10 02:01 PM, Johan Hedin wrote:
Hi all

I'm trying to create a new zone in OpenSolaris svn_130.
r...@dom0:~# zonecfg -z test info
zonename: test
zonepath: /internal/zone/test
brand: ipkg
autoboot: false
bootargs: pool: limitpriv: scheduling-class: ip-type: shared hostid: net:
        physical: nge0
r...@dom0:~# zoneadm -z test install
A ZFS file system has been created for this zone.
ERROR: Unable to create the zone's ZFS dataset.
r...@dom0:~# zfs list | grep test
internal/zone/test                       42K   222G    21K  /internal/zone/test
internal/zone/test/ROOT                  21K   222G    21K  legacy

Am I doing anything obviously wrong, or is this a bug?



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