I'm about to make a change to the dependency of routing-setup, I just
want to check first if this has been filed as a CR and has been fixed.

The problem is that zones and routing-setup both trace their
dependency back to milestone/network, but no relationship to each
other.  I have a priori knowledge of non-global shared-ip zones and
their address, and I load them into static-routes.  Sometime during
system boot, routing-setup is run, with no guanrantee that zones have
finished booting.  Solaris then tries to add routes, but balks, as it
should, since my physical interface is and my zones'virtual
interfaces have not been plumbed.  The solution to this is to make
zones a dependency of routing-setup.  We're not actively routing so I
don't see this interfering with anything.  My question is: has this
issue been reported, filed, and fixed?  A quick search of defect and
bugs does not turn up anything that looks like this problem.  Checking
first, thanks.

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