Thanks so much for all of your effort.  I never thought it would be this
hard to track down.  I will sync up with you after I have had a chance
to test on b132.  I am looking forward to 132 as it also has this fix:

6776009 nwam doesn't bring up pseudo data-links or flows at boot time


On 1/23/10 12:47 PM, Frank Batschulat (Home) wrote:
On Mon, 18 Jan 2010 16:33:38 +0100, Frank Batschulat 
(Home)<>  wrote:

the bad news is, I'm not getting the dumps, sigh. this is due to bug:

6911155 kernel dump fails if panic happens in interrupt service routine

which is fixed in build 131.

So I will persue this further once OSOL_131 has been released and this
system has been upgraded. I finally will have dumps by then.

Hey Glenn, latest news - I'm loosing my patience, this isn't fun anymore :(

so I had the ISC now running on this test system that reproduced the hangs with 

however I can't do more for you here, halting the ISC zone (which has an 
exclusive IP stack, etherstubs and
vnics) immediately panics the box due to bug:

6912829 panic in ipsq_xopq_mp_cleanup/RD due to NULL ill->ill_wq on lo0 during 
zone shutdown/reboot

introduced in build 131 and fixed in build 132.

to wit, I'm still not getting a dump either! alhtough 131 contains
the fix for above mentioned bug 6911155.

instead of getting a dump timeout (as fixed by 6911155) I'm now
getting 0% done, dump failed, error 5 (ie. EIO).

so lets wait for build 132...I'll also look at your dump from your test system
on monday, but I suspect it'll be the same IP panic...

see you again in 2..4 weeks.


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