On 01/25/10 04:30, Paul van der Zwan wrote:
I have upgraded my Opensolaris system to b131 and followed the zoneadm 
detach/attach -u procedure to upgrade my zones
to b131 as well. Unfortunately I am running into bug 6912829 ( causes panic on 
zoneadm halt ) quite often.
Downgrading the global zone by beadm activating my old be is easy. But how do I 
get my zones back ?
Zoneadm attach complains that the zone is a newer rev than the global zone and 
that the global zone should be upgradedā€¦

Unfortunately it sounds like you detached your zones
before doing the image-update.  If you do the image-update,
then reboot, then detach/attach, then you will have a zone
root for each BE and booting back is no problem.  However,
if you detach before the image-update, then you only have
one zone root and once you've updated that to match the
new BE, then there is no way to downgrade it if you boot back.

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