On Tue, 26 Jan 2010 11:03:11 +0100, Dick Hoogendijk <d...@nagual.nl> wrote:

> Op 25-1-2010 12:30, Paul van der Zwan schr
>> Unfortunately I am running into bug 6912829 ( causes panic on zoneadm halt ) 
>> quite often.
> Do or don't zones work correctly on OpenSolaris-b131?

if you are using exclusive IP stack zones I'd suggest staying away from build 
and waht for build 132 which has the fixes for:

6912829 panic in ipsq_xopq_mp_cleanup/RD due to NULL ill->ill_wq on lo0 during 
zone shutdown/reboot
6917808 Panic on exclusive IP zone shutdown in ipsq_current_finish
6917809 Exclusive IP zone shutdown causes assertion failure in ire_inactive

so far to my knowledge and testing this does not affect shared IP stack zones. 
least not on my stystem.


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