Jerry Jelinek wrote:

>> usr/src/lib/brand/native/zone/sw_support.c
>>   1115
>>   1116                  } else if (strcmp(buf, SUNW_PKG_ALL_ZONES) ==
>0) {
>>   1117                          infop->zpi_all_zones = B_TRUE;
>>   1118
>> My thought is that if the package name is SUNWsolnm,
>> infop->zpi_all_zones should be B_TRUE.

>I will file a bug to add this pkg to the dependent list whenever there
>are other pkgs on the list.

Hi Jerry

Just upgraded a Zone from U7 to U8 and /etc/release is updated,
but SUNWsolnm isn't. Of course pkgchk complains.

Is there no open bug?

Thanx & Best regards,
Marcel Hofstetter
JomaSoft GmbH

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