Tristan Ball wrote:
> I looked into this a little when I hit it, and basically it's a
> limitation of the opensolaris pkg commands.
> I'm going for memory here, but I think the list function returns only
> the lastest version from the repository, and refuses to find anything
> else regardless of arguments, while the search and install functions
> will find any version.

Even if you could somehow specify the version desired, it's unclear to
me (at least) how this could ever work reliably.  Non-global zones don't
have their own instance of the kernel; they share with the global zone.
 And there are _many_ consolidation private (read: "undocumented and
potentially changing rapidly") interfaces shared between the kernel and
the user space libraries and applications delivered from ON.

The only thing I know that's guaranteed to work is a matched set -- one
build of ON's user-level and kernel-level components.  Mixing them from
different builds usually leads to tears, with or without Zones.

Zones aren't the same thing as VMs.  They're much lighter weight (a
non-global zone is essentially the same as a UID or project in terms of
kernel handling; it's not a layer in any sense), but there's a price to
be paid in feature set for that lightness.

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