I've had success for zones update on attach in the past, but now ran into a 

I'm using Solaris x86 and just built a new system.  Since it has a CD drive (no 
DVD), I had to use the U7 disks to install, then I put the recommended patches, 
then used the U8 image to update the live upgrade packages and used live 
upgrade to bring it to U8.

I have a zone on another U8 box that I detached and want to move over.  When I 
try to attach, it gives me the following error:

# zoneadm -z scanner3 attach -u failed to initialize ZFS library
zoneadm: zone 'scanner3': ERROR: attempt to downgrade package SUNWhea, the 
source had patch 140566-02 which is not installed on this system

However the patch is installed:

# showrev -p | grep 140566
Patch: 140566-02 Obsoletes: 121395-03 Requires: 118844-24, 118855-36, 127128-11 
Incompatibles:  Packages: SUNWhea, SUNWckr

I tried removing the SUNWdetached.xml file (which sometimes helps), but still 
no glory.

any ideas as to what I can do to fix this?



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