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> Going from OpenSolaris b131 to b132..
> Am I correct in this procedure:
> [1] pkg image-update (with zones attached)
> [2] after reboot to the new BE detach the zones
> [3] zoneadm attach -u zones


> OR, do I have to detach -BEFORE- the pkg image -update?

_after_ 'pkg image update' and _after_ the following reboot.

that way, a new BE for the zone is created as well during
'pkg image update' corresponding to the new GZ BE.

like this (done yesterday):

osoldev.batschul./export/home/batschul.=> zoneadm list -cp

osoldev.batschul./export/home/batschul.=> zfs list -t all
rpool/ROOT/opensolaris-129                       33.9M   193G  10.5G  /
rpool/ROOT/opensolaris-130                       38.8M   193G  11.3G  /
rpool/ROOT/opensolaris-131                       22.1M   193G  11.6G  /
rpool/ROOT/opensolaris-132                       18.1G   193G  11.7G  
rpool/ROOT/opensolaris-...@install               1.72G      -  3.98G  -
rpool/ROOT/opensolaris-...@2009-12-25-08:57:20   1.28G      -  10.5G  -
rpool/ROOT/opensolaris-...@2010-01-23-12:56:07   1.44G      -  11.3G  -
rpool/ROOT/opensolaris-...@2010-02-05-21:30:12    972M      -  11.6G  -
tank/zones/zone2                                  981M   183G    36K  
tank/zones/zone2/ROOT                             981M   183G  31.5K  legacy
tank/zones/zone2/ROOT/zbe                        52.5K   183G   981M  legacy
tank/zones/zone2/ROOT/zbe-1                       981M   183G   981M  legacy
tank/zones/zone2/ROOT/zb...@2010-02-05-21:30:17   121K      -   981M  -

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