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> Hi, I'm sorry to bug the OpenSolaris for a question that pertains to
> S10U8, but I am really stuck.
> I am doing a zoneadm clone -m copy, and I do not want a new ZFS
> dataset even though my zonepath is on a ZFS filesystem, for
> performance reasons particular to how I am using my zones.
> Unfortunately, zoneadm clone just ignores the "-m copy", and makes me
> a new ZFS filesystem anyway; and by the speed with which it finished,
> it certainly is a snapshot operation underneath.
> I have tested with making the source zone on a separate UFS, have
> pre-made a dirname under my ZFS filesystem as the zonepath, nothing
> works.  I always get a new ZFS filesystem.  I see that zoneadm install
> has an -x nodataset switch, I need this for zone clone as well.  I
> have not seen this filed as a bug against S10, is there a work-around
> to get the behavior I want?

You can probably work around this by replacing

zoneadm -z newzone clone -m copy master


# do this once
zoneadm -z master halt
zoneadm -z master detach
cd $master_zonepath
tar cf $dir/master.tar .
zoneadm -z master attach

# do this for each zone to create
mkdir $newzone_zonepath
cd $newzone_zonepath
tar xpf $dir/master.tar
zonecfg -z newzone create -a $newzone_zonepath
zoneadm -z newzone attach
zoneadm -z newzone boot -s
zlogin newzone sys-unconfig
zoneadm -z newzone boot
zlogin -C newzone

You could certainly put the sys-unconfig before detaching the master
zone and could put other steps before the multi-user boot of newzone
to get a valid /etc/sysidcfg in place, thereby skipping the zlogin -C
and interaction with sysidconfig.

> This is sort of a big deal for our application.  We use labeled zones,
> a file move within a filesystem has a different performance profile
> than a move from one filesystem to another filesystem, even within one
> ZFS pool.  We are doing tens of thousands of move per minute.
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