Are you sure cluster is disabled, what does /usr/cluster/bin/status show?


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I'm new to zones, and this appears to be a conundrum for me: I have a
global zone that shows multiple default routes (on different
interfaces). It also shows a third separate interface (clprivnet0) with
an IP that's not in anyone's documentation(actually there are two
physical servers set up the same way). My guess is that these two
servers were to be clustered at one point, but this was aborted before
I came onboard. Regardless, the global zone's routing table looks busy,
is it because it's showing the routes for the zones? If so, is it
possible to have the global zone routing differently than the local

hard to answer, without more data on what the subnets for the various
zones are, and what the desired routing is. The global zone's netstat
may show routes that are only accessible from a non-global zone, so the
fact that the routing table is "busy" does not say anything without
more information about the subnet configuration.


For an example, let's say zone1 has a default route using gateway 
and zone2 has a default router using gateway If I am logged into 
the global zone, and it needs to send a packet to, will it use one 
of the non-global-zone's default route? Looking at /etc/defaultrouter for the 
global zone, it shows the gateway IPs for the two non-global zones, and also .  when I try to traceroute to it never shows a single 
hop (as if it's not going to any gateway).

So, why am I not getting to And if I removed the other default 
routes in the global zone, will I be damaging the routing for the local zones? 
If I add a static route in the global zone will that be propagated to the 
non-local zones(I wouldn't want that)? If there's a good doc out there that 
explains this, I'd appreciate a pointer to it, or whatever advice you have for 


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