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> On 02/16/10 17:17, Christine Tran wrote:
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> >> For an example, let's say zone1 has a default route using gateway
> and zone2 has a default router using gateway If
> I am logged into the global zone, and it needs to send a packet to
>, will it use one of the non-global-zone's default route?
> >
> > It will round-robin between the two gateways IF it has interfaces
> > local to that network.  That is, you need something like this: assume
> > 24-bit mask, e1000g0 and e1000g1 (the 10 is
> > just an example.)
> >
> > If you only have one interface local to one gateway, it will use that
> > gateway.  What I'm guessing is that you have your zones plumbed on a
> > virtual interface, but nothing plumbed on the actual interface, from
> > the global zone's perspective.  In your ifconfig -a output, when
> > you've removed all the entries for zones, do you actually have an
> > interface that can reach a router?
> >
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> To elaborate a little, if your global zone has an IP address on net0,
> and the other zones have IP address(es) on net1, net2, and net3, the
> only default route(s) the global will use are those related to net0. If
> a zone also has an IP address on net0, and it is on a different subnet
> than that/those used by the global zone, the global will still only use
> those related to it, not those added for the non-global zone. I had
> tested this a while back and had a discussion with an engineer around
> that.
> The result was that while I generally suggest the non-global zones use
> different IP subnet(s) and different interfaces than the global zone,
> the minimum requirement is that the zones use different IP subnet(s),
> and default routing will be fine.
> I believe in your case each zone will only use it's default route. You
> can verify this easily with the 'route get' command. It
> will
> list which interface is being used. Whether it is wise to have
> and on the same interface is a separate
> question. There is not enough information to make a guess at how your
> system is actually configured, and whether all the zones are sharing a
> single interface.
> Its also not clear which build or update of OpenSolaris or Solaris is
> being used. My recent testing was with Solaris 10 10/09 and a recent
> Nevada build (IIRC). The above should apply to any update with at least
> with 'defrouter' zone configuration option (8/07 I believe).
> Steffen

Thanks to everyone's responses; I'm learning quite a bit here!

My next question (which I think may have been partially answered already); it's 
obvious now that the global zone inherits the ngzones (non-global zones) 
routing information; is that a two-way street? If zone1 has a default route 
using as it's gateway, and in the global zone I use a different 
router on the same network ( as my default gateway, will that 
affect/interrupt zone1's routing table? I'll be experimenting a bit with this 
on my opensolaris box; hopefully it will match what solaris will do on our 
sparc servers.

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