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> I am trying to rename a zonename (and zonepath) to a new zone. But I get this 
> error:
> # zfs rename zones/bugs zones/note
> cannot rename 'zones/bugs': child dataset with inherited mountpoint is used 
> in a non-global zone

thats correct, zfs rename honours the 'zoned' attribute of the child datasets 
currently in use by a NGZ, ie. you shall be seeing this 'zoned' property on:

osoldev.batschul./export/home/batschul.=> pfexec zfs get zoned 
NAME                   PROPERTY  VALUE  SOURCE
tank/zones/zone2/ROOT  zoned     on     local

> I tried this with the zone in detached mode. Any tips?

zoneadm -z bugs move /zones/note


     move new_zonepath

         Move the zonepath to  new_zonepath.  The  zone  must  be
         halted   before   this   subcommand  can  be  used.  The
         new_zonepath must be a local file system and normal res-
         trictions for zonepath apply.

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