On 02/21/10 08:33 AM, Anil wrote:
Never mind. I will not do this rename. It's not worth the trouble.

r...@vps1:~# zoneadm -z note move /zones/note
Moving across file systems; copying zonepath /zones/bugs...sh[1]: cd: 
/zones/bugs: [No such file or directory]
zoneadm: zone 'note': 'copy' failed with exit code 1.

The copy failed.
More information can be found in /var/log/zoneAAA2XaapU

Cleaning up zonepath /zones/note...The ZFS file system for this zone has been 

I believe the zones are not mounted when the zone is not running so the cp 
fails. Luckily it did not delete the data *phew*.



My response is for future reference. The "zoneadm move" command should preserve the ZFS filesystem's properties because zoneadm(1M) merely changes the filesystem's mountpoint.

What you're seeing is odd because zoneadm(1M) should never have to manually copy files across filesystems as long as you're moving a zone with a ZFS-based zonepath. (zoneadm(1M) only copies files across filesystems when it can't set the ZFS filesystem's mountpoint.) What version of Solaris are you using?

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