I will note that the sysevent info is defined in
/usr/include/sys/zone.h, so they could (with all the usual caveats
that it could change in the future, etc.) use that (though on a
tangent -- are there _any_ documented sysevents?  all i've ever found
is the subsystem itself is documented, but none of the events
themselves are, which I always found a bit odd).

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 7:23 PM, Dennis Clarke <dcla...@blastwave.org> wrote:
>> IKOAC (I know of a customer) that would like to write an
>> agent that runs in the global zone and detects state changes
>> in the non-global zones on the system.
>> Anyone listening been down this road???
> Can you define "state" change ?
> I am guessing you mean a change in some foo of type zone_cluster_state_t
> where :
> typedef enum {
> } zone_cluster_state_t;
> If so then I wrote a small script but it is just a script and it uses
> zoneadm to pull out the state of all zones on the server and report them
> in a table with hostnames and other info. Not sure if this is what you
> mean. You may be thinking of an SNMP agent or something like that. Not
> sure.
> Dennis
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