On 02/26/10 07:37, Jerry Jelinek wrote:
On 02/26/10 07:03, Jesse Reynolds wrote:

I have an amd64 server running OpenSolaris 2009-06. In December I
created one container on this server named 'cpmail' with it's own zfs
dataset and it's been running ever since. Until earlier this evening
when the server did a kernel panic and rebooted. Now, I can't see any
contents in the zfs dataset for this zone!

The server has two disks which are root mirrored with ZFS:

# zpool status
pool: rpool
state: ONLINE
scrub: none requested

rpool ONLINE 0 0 0
mirror ONLINE 0 0 0
c8t0d0s0 ONLINE 0 0 0
c8t1d0s0 ONLINE 0 0 0

errors: No known data errors

Here are the datasets:

# zfs list
rpool 161G 67.6G 79.5K /rpool
rpool/ROOT 3.66G 67.6G 19K legacy
rpool/ROOT/opensolaris 3.66G 67.6G 3.51G /
rpool/cpmail 139G 67.6G 22K /zones/cpmail
rpool/cpmail/ROOT 139G 67.6G 19K legacy
rpool/cpmail/ROOT/zbe 139G 67.6G 139G legacy
rpool/dump 2.00G 67.6G 2.00G -
rpool/export 7.64G 67.6G 7.49G /export
rpool/export/home 150M 67.6G 21K /export/home
rpool/export/home/jesse 150M 67.6G 150M /export/home/jesse
rpool/repo 6.56G 67.6G 6.56G /rpool/repo
rpool/swap 2.00G 69.4G 130M -

/zones/cpmail is where it should be mounting the zone's dataset, I

Here's what happens when I try and start the zone:

# zoneadm -z cpmail boot
could not verify zfs dataset mailtmp: dataset does not exist
zoneadm: zone cpmail failed to verify

So the zone is trying to find a dataset 'mailtmp' and failing because
it doesn't exist. So, what happened to it?

Here's the zone config file, at /etc/zones/cpmail.xml (with IP address

# cat /etc/zones/cpmail.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE zone PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems Inc//DTD Zones//EN"
DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE. Use zonecfg(1M) instead.
<zone name="cpmail" zonepath="/zones/cpmail" autoboot="false"
<network address="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" physical="bge1"/>
<dataset name="mailtmp"/>

Sorry for the second response.

One more thing looks wrong.  The zone is configured with a
dataset named mailtmp.  That looks wrong since your zpool
is named rpool, so I would expect that the dataset would be
named something like rpool/mailtmp or something like that.
Is it possible you reconfigured this zone at some point but
never tried to reboot it?  It looks like the dataset you added is
just incorrect for your zfs configuration.

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