Hi all,

I am wanting to create a lot of zones (no more than about 50).
My grand idea was to create a template zone, install it and configure it.  
After which I can export the zonecfg configuration.
Then I could configure more zones (using a script to change a couple of values 
in the zonecfg file) and then clone from the template zone.

However, most of the zones will need network capabilities, so it'll be easier 
to say all of them need network access.  Can I specify a NIC, but say that the 
zone should use DHCP to acquire a an IP address?  It would be much simpler if I 
Also, using the method of cloning a master template zone, it would appear that 
I need to go through the configuration again (input a root password, select 
name service, etc), but I want these to be the same across all of the zones, 
can this be done?
Essentially, I want many identically configured zones.

If any of the above can be done in an unsupported way, I'd still be very happy 
to hear about it.

Many thanks,
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