On Tue, Mar 09, 2010 at 04:22:56PM -0800, Liane Praza wrote:

> >>http://cr.opensolaris.org/~johnlev/onu-zones/

I updated this for two jbeck comments: a spelling fix for en_US, and to
loop waiting for zones that are shutting down.

> This looks reasonable to me.  Thank you very much for tackling it.  As a
> sanity check, this probably would stay (modulo changing the messaging)
> even once upgrade-on-attach works for systems without entire, right?  It
> seems like it would be a useful developer convenience?

Yes, I expect so. Although it would be nice to be able to use
upgrade-on-attach in the new BE, I don't think that's planned.

> >the full refresh is needed because we may not have the latest
> >catalogs for all the configured publishers.
> >
> >what i tried to ask was: why don't the other set-publisher
> >operations use the --no-refresh option.  afaik, by default a
> >set-publisher operation will cause us to refresh the cached publisher
> >data, which we're going to cache anyway when we do the refresh
> >--full.
> Prior to integration, we couldn't require a recent enough version of pkg 
> to count on this behaviour.  I think we do now, and this sounds like 
> it'd speed things up a little.

I filed:

6933504 onu could skip some refresh operations

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