Thanks for the responses.

We don't plan on running the zone root on vxfs, it will be on ufs.

The VRTSvfxs package installs with parameters

so package content is not delivered to the zone just the package information
so it appears to be installed.

I think we are going to experiment with mounting the vxfs into the zone from
the global.

On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 10:26 AM, Henrik Johansson <>wrote:

> I am away from home and om mobie device so i'll make it short.
> This work fine if you don't ever put the zoneroot on vxfs, if you do you
> will not be able to use all upgrade options and the Veritas supplied scripts
> for live upgrade only works with a vanilla install (no separate LUN for
> zones etc)
> Someone mentioned that not all packages was present in the local zone, I
> think that most of the VRTS packages (or to many at least) has PKG_ALLZONES
> set to to, so they must be installed on all zones(to have a supported
> system)
> I might be off target, it's late and I'm not supposed to do this on my
> vaccation;)
> Henrik
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