keegam wrote:
I just built a new opensolaris server. This is my first time using opensolaris. 
I'm mirroring a sol10  environment, so that could be where i went wrong.

Here is the zonecfg info:

zonecfg -z myzone info
zonename: myzone
zonepath: /zones/myzone
brand: ipkg
autoboot: true
bootargs: pool: limitpriv: scheduling-class: ip-type: shared hostid: inherit-pkg-dir:
        dir: /lib
        dir: /sbin
        dir: /usr
        dir: /usr/local
        special: /opt/zones/myzone/usr/local
        raw not specified
        type: lofs
        options: []
        physical: bnx0
        defrouter not specified

Coming from solaris 10, i added the inherit-pkg-dir because a lot of stuff was missing from /lib that i needed (like the X11 libs).

When I'm on the broken zone, i get this error (which does not happen in the 

r...@myzone:/var/spool/pkg/pre# svcs -xv sendmail
svcs: Pattern 'sendmail' doesn't match any instances

Also, /var/spool/clientmqueue/ didn't exist. Odd.

If anyone has any idea what I did wrong, I would appreciate some information.

Don't use inherit-pkg-dirs in ipkg-branded zones: You will break the zones' packaging configurations. The ipkg brand only supports whole root zones. Install required applications and libraries via pkg(5).

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