On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 01:58:13PM -0400, Nandini Mocherla wrote:
> Can anyone point me to the documentation on upgrading Opensolaris
> system with non-global zones?  I have a system running b130
> (previously upgraded once) with 4 non-global zones, 3 zones running
> b129 and 1 zone running b130.
> I need to update the global zone to the latest build and also update
> all the non-global zones.  Before I upgrade the global zone to the
> latest build is it necessary to update all the 3 zones to b130? If
> so how? Thanks,


[1] pkg image-update (with zones attached)
[2] after reboot to the new BE detach the zones
[3] zoneadm attach -u zones

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