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> Hello
> I would like to ask you a couple of questions about prstat usage in a zone.
> I know that If I use -Z switch on global zone I can monitor my running zones. 
> I was wondering if using prstat in general in zones produce reliable or 
> correct results?

There are many caveats about how reliable this is from the global zone.

- If you have lots of zones, only the ones that consume the most
resources will be listed.
- If a zone is running a workload that has lots of short-lived
processes (software builds, print server, job scheduler, etc.) the
load associated with those short-lived processes will be lost.  This
could make a zone that is using 100% of the CPU look nearly idle.

> Also If I use prtsat in the following fashion, I can sort the output by rss:
> # prstat -s rss
> Would this give me the correct result in a zone as well?

It will be accurate, subject to the limitation that it will only show
the processes in that zone.

Mike Gerdts
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