Brett wrote:
Hi Folks,

I would like to source opinions of the forum on whether its better to share a 
zfs storage pool for all zones on a machine or create one zpool per zone? The 
premise is that this zpool (zonepool) would be sitting on san storage.

I posed that a consolidated pool (zonepool) with each zone zfs sitting under 
that was good for ease of management and efficiency of resource. ie:

However a colleague suggests keeping separate zpools, one for each zone is 
better for reasons of portability (ie being able to detach a zone and then 
export the zonepool and move the san storage to another like machine if 
resource becomes constrained). ie:

Your thoughts are very welcome.
Regards Rep

Most of the zones I've been building have been separate VxVM disk groups
for reason of portability. They've also been under Veritas Cluster
Server control for start/stop and ease of switching among nodes, nothing
fancy, but it makes the zones more fault tolerant.

So if I had the luxury of multiple LUNs, I'd go with separate pools.


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