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But, c'mon: CD burning? This problem was solved a decade ago. I like Nero, because I can aggregate various directories, click twice, and my DVD comes out verified five minutes later. The idea that i have to track down packages, or deal with Brasero (which I'm sure can be configured; I just don't want to spend the time for something that I already know how to do otherwise), just raises the barrier unnecessarily for people who want to try out OpenSolaris, get it working, and then explore its compelling new features.

The fact that -you- like Nero so much that you won't use another piece of
software to do what you want to do does not meen CD-Burning is difficult
on OpenSolaris. It simply means nero is not supported on OpenSolaris, like
InDesign is not, nor Photoshop and many many other software packages. No
big deal. Virtualize windows and you're set.
Complain to the Nero software engineers and make them support solaris.
(not much change though..) Or accept the fact that not all software is
supported on your platform of choice.

People are rightfully worried about the future of OpenSolaris, but by having some basic things be so difficult and time-consuming, just to get the basics of usability running, only exacerbate the problem by limiting adoption.

Totally besides the point and absolute nonsence. You mean -YOU- worry just
because one of you favo progs is not supported. I can give you lots of
examples of progs not supported on linux, or FreeBSD or OS-X or.. Do we
all worry about the future of these OS's?

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