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> > Just try to describe _why_ you believe that you need Nero.
> Assuming that his original problem is that mkisofs and cdrecord are just
> too hard to use -- in comparison to the GUI-based features on other

Well did you ever try to use cdrecord? cdrecord is easier to use than "cdrw" 
and other fimilar tools It is impossible to further reduce complexity as it 
is sufficient to call "cdrecord xxx.iso".

Mkisofs gives an overview of the most important options if you just call

There are easy to read manpages:


People who believe that mkisofs/cdrecord are too complex are expected to have 
serious problems with e.g. using compilers and other software....

> systems -- I have to agree with the previous poster.  It's an important
> gap, even if the features in the tools we have are objectively better,
> and even if there are defects in the GUIs that others use.

There is e.g. X-CDRoast that nicely works on Solaris and if Sun did not waste
time with developing things like "cdrw", Sun could have used the time to create 
a nice and powerful GUI for cdrtools.....

> I just wouldn't focus too much on Nero.  I think that's the wrong
> target.  Macs are easier to use than that, and provide an object lesson
> in how it's possible to make UNIX highly usable by the masses.  It might
> not be the fun part of development (at least I don't view it that way
> ;-}), but providing good UIs goes a long way to making users productive
> without forcing them to become grad students in each technical area.

 I am not sure whether you are correctly informed about Apple. Cdrtools was the 
first application that could write CDs/DVDs on Mac OS X and cdrtools have been 
de-facto the only such application for the first 5 years of Mac OS X. BTW: 
X-CDRoast also works on Mac OS X.

Apple was late with developing such an application and Sun could still develop 
GUI for cdrtools if people believe that there is a need for another GUI.


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