I've just installed a basic zone on a current dev build of OS, I'm not a
bigtime zones user but I thought I'd play around with the feature some more.

Firstly, and this is a fairly basic thing but something I've always had
problems with: No matter what terminal setting I choose when I first
configure the zone, terminal applications such as Vim don't display
normally. When zlogin'd to a zone, Vim will display in a fixed size and
displays such oddies as only changing the last line when scrolling.

I've had many problems with Vim and terminal emulations over the years
but I've never managed to solve this one.

To combat the Vim problem, I thought that it might work better when
ssh'ing in from a working machine (the global zone). Unfortunately,
after creating a user and home directory, ssh'ing in just hangs after
the motd.

If I force the command from ssh (ssh m...@xxx /bin/bash) I can type and
run commands but I don't get a prompt.

After some googling around I tried adding the -t option to ssh but that
just hangs as well (totally locks up the terminal, have to kill manually).

I'm probably wrong but I believe all this could be related however its
above me so I thought I'd ask the experts.

Thanks in advance

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