Well according to this:


You did everything correctly. Are there entries in /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk for the powerdevices in the global and non-global zones? Does format in the global zone display them? Also check the output of zonecfg -z <yourzone> info to make sure you really added the devices
Does the EMC inq command tell you they are there?

Ashit wrote:
I am unable to export the emcpower device to local zone.
here are the steps followed:
A) put following entries in /etc/devlink.tab
type=ddi_pseudo;name=emcp;addr=0;minor=a,blk    dsk/emcpower\A0\M1
type=ddi_pseudo;name=emcp;addr=0;minor=a,raw    rdsk/emcpower\A0\M1
type=ddi_pseudo;name=emcp;addr=1;minor=a,blk    dsk/emcpower\A0\M1
type=ddi_pseudo;name=emcp;addr=1;minor=a,raw    rdsk/emcpower\A0\M1
 B) reboot the host
C) Halt the zone say ZONE1
D) add following entries in zonecfg
        match: /dev/rdsk/emcpower0a
        match: /dev/dsk/emcpower0a
E) boot the zone

I don't see the emcpower device being exported in the non-global zone. used 
format command to check that on non-global zone.
EMCpowe version = 5.0.0
Can someone help me here.

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