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As a general rule, its a bad idea to export disk devices to a zone. There is no 
efficiency gained by doing so. These are not virtual machines, there is only 
one kernel running. Just create a filesystem (zpool create ...) and share the 
dataset with the zone. The zone will have full control of the dataset and any 
child datasets it creates.

Now that thats out of the way... I don't think you can add devices like that to 
an existing zone, install a new zone with that config and the devices will be 
created at install time. You might be able to mknod the devices in the zones 
"dev" folder, but make sure you understand what you are doing, and heed my 
above statement :)


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On Apr 29, 2010, at 9:26 AM, Joe Balenzano wrote:

> Well according to this:
> http://www.emc.com/collateral/support-training/support/300-003-593-powerpath-for-solaris-rn.pdf
> You did everything correctly.  Are there entries in /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk  
> for the powerdevices in the global and non-global zones? Does format in the 
> global zone display them?  Also check the output of zonecfg  -z <yourzone> 
> info to make sure you really added the devices
> Does the EMC inq command tell you they are there?
> Ashit wrote:
>> I am unable to export the emcpower device to local zone.
>> here are the steps followed:
>> A) put following entries in /etc/devlink.tab
>> type=ddi_pseudo;name=emcp;addr=0;minor=a,blk    dsk/emcpower\A0\M1
>> type=ddi_pseudo;name=emcp;addr=0;minor=a,raw    rdsk/emcpower\A0\M1
>> type=ddi_pseudo;name=emcp;addr=1;minor=a,blk    dsk/emcpower\A0\M1
>> type=ddi_pseudo;name=emcp;addr=1;minor=a,raw    rdsk/emcpower\A0\M1
>> B) reboot the host
>> C) Halt the zone say ZONE1
>> D) add following entries in zonecfg
>> device
>>        match: /dev/rdsk/emcpower0a
>> device
>>        match: /dev/dsk/emcpower0a
>> E) boot the zone
>> I don't see the emcpower device being exported in the non-global zone. used 
>> format command to check that on non-global zone.
>> EMCpowe version = 5.0.0
>> Can someone help me here.
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